by Tom Stratton

Feathers & Sparkle - Elton John’s Best Outfits

There’s not much that hasn’t been written about Elton John over his...
Feathers & Sparkle - Elton John’s Best Outfits
There’s not much that hasn’t been written about Elton John over his illustrious 50 year career so instead we thought let’s look at some of those outfits again. You’ll probably remember most of them but why wouldn’t you want to look again and again at Sir Elton playing the piano dressed as Donald Duck? The iconic sparkling baseball kit? The feathers… all the feathers! 
We’ve picked out a few of our favourites but honestly this article could be never-ending: absolute icon in every sense.

Double Denim

We’ve got to start with this double-denim number with embroidered patches and hassled, knee-high boots. Elton stated that the wives of the band used to stitch the patches on while they toured: they must’ve been on tour for a fair while! He has since told Vogue that he now ‘loathes denim’ and that it ‘should all be burnt. Cancel it’. I’d have to disagree looking at this outfit. 

Baseball Star

There’s no way we couldn’t give mention to this sequinned Dodgers kit he wore for his 1975 gig at their stadium. Designed by Bob Mackie, it even had ‘ELTON’ written across the back of it just in case you couldn’t tell it was him. 

Donald Duck

Another iconic Bob Mackie classic here. There’s not much we can say about this one, it speaks  for itself really doesn’t it. Elton has kept the outfit despite auctioning off countless others for charity. He said “I have a fondness for Donald Duck. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t sit down, but I couldn’t stop laughing”.

The Footy Fan

This isn’t a bumblebee costume, this is an homage to Elton’s lifelong favourite football club: Watford FC. He played at Vicarage Road in 1974 as the club was in financial trouble. It seemed to work as he would go on to become chairman and take them from the bottom of the bottom division to the top of the top division in about 7 years. 

Walk of Fame

Here’s Elton getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1975 whilst wearing a seemingly leprechaun-inspired tribute to the walk itself, complete with tinted star shaped glasses and bejewelled bowler hat. Of course again designed by Bob Mackie there’s even tribute to previous Walk of Famers on each star.

Giant Chicken

Sir Elton revealed what he calls “the giant chicken outfit’ and one of his personal favourites on The Muppet Show in 1977. Made by Bill Whitten on anyone else the multi coloured feathers and dazzling swimming cap with goggles would look ridiculous. But nobody else is Elton John.


1991 and Elton decided on a more understated look. Of course understated for Elton John means huge silver cross and dungarees but it’s not quite the giant chicken outfit. 

Louis XIV

In 1997 Elton celebrated his 50th birthday and showed absolutely no signs of toning it down for the occasion. Made by Sandy Powell, Elton requested ‘the biggest wig ever made’ and I’m pretty sure she succeeded. He also asked to look ‘like Louis XIV on acid’ which she managed to do perfectly. 

Gucci Loves Elton

Between 2018 and 2023 Elton John is embarking on his farewell tour for a well-earned retirement with his husband and children. Gucci made this special floral outfit just for him - Gucci loves Elton emblazoned across the back. We love you too, Elton!