by Tom Stratton

Paris Returns

Paris was the original Kardashian, she was there at the beginning o...
Paris Returns
Let me start by saying, I can’t fucking stand the Kardashians. Not one of them. I don’t like anything they stand for, the whole culture of famous for being famous, and the vapidity of it all. I don’t know them personally of course so I’m sure they’re lovely people (I’m being nice, I don’t think that at all). However, I’ve harboured a hypocritical secret for years: I fucking love Paris Hilton.
The way I see it is, it’s not actually hypocritical of me at all. Paris was the original Kardashian, she was there at the beginning of true reality TV, she played the dumb blonde with such conviction that you never quite knew whether she was being real or not. During filming of The Simple Life she famously claimed not to know what Walmart is: “Do they like sell wall stuff?”. Course she knows what Walmart is; it’s just an hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating slice of early 00s television.  
Not only her attitude and persona but her wardrobe put Hilton firmly in the ‘ditzy blonde’ category. Loads of pink, little dogs in clothes, and Louis Vuitton bags were all on hand to create the ultimate 00s socialite. She liked to party, she liked to be seen, and she liked clothes: that’s a winning combo for me. Her antics were everywhere at the time; Nick Carter had to break up from her basically because he couldn’t keep up with the partying. Once again: she’s a legend.
And now, in 2022, when she has fully admitted that it was basically all one big act, it looks like her wardrobe of the time is back in fashion. So many looks at so many parties - you’ll have seen them everywhere today over Instagram but Paris of that time was pre-social media. Just pure tabloid fodder. Let’s have a look at some of her best looks that are back for a new generation, for better or worse.


If you’ve popped on Instagram or to any nightclub recently you’ve no doubt seen the resurgence of low-rise. Paris didn’t just stop at low-rise jeans, you’ll find plenty of low-rise skirts too, denim and not. These babies pictured might feel a step too far for some but I reckon Hilton rocks them and would do just the same today. You could probably rock them too (as a 36 year old scruffy man I think my attempt could be an arrestable offence).

Von Dutch

Not that I’m particularly happy about this one returning, but Paris Hilton and her mate Britney pretty much made Von Dutch in the 00s. Fortunately those trucker caps soon disappeared and even Paris herself has said it’s the only part of her wardrobe she hasn’t held on. Then a few years ago, one of Hilton’s accidental-protégés Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing one. Now Von Dutch have got collabs with luxury fashion brand KOCHÉ and are ‘gracing’ the catwalks. 

Juicy Couture - Lots of Velour  

Usually in pink but this blue number is just as good, as always with matching shades. Juicy Couture never left Paris’ wardrobe and now it’s time for the big comeback. In fact guess who is advertising Juicy in a recent copy of Vogue? That’s right, Paris Hilton herself, and she opened up her wardrobe to show her hue collection. Who’d have thought Juicy Couture velour could be so timeless, eh?

Micro Miniskirts

Paris Hilton had absolute loads of these. Usually low-waisted as well and some sort of crop top: she absolutely didn’t give a shit and it showed in the best way. Here she is partying again in her favoured pink number and about 20 years later they’re all over the catwalks. I’ve talked loads about cyclical fashion but at this point she seems almost like she could see the future. 


It wasn’t all just velour and Juicy for Hilton, she could also be spotted in a full Adidas tracksuit now and again. To be fair, from Bob Marley to Run-DMC, up to the present day, they’ve never really gone out of fashion. But that doesn’t mean Paris didn’t influence half of today’s ‘influencers’ when it comes to rocking trackies.