by Tom Stratton


Shellsuits were hot, noisy when you walked, and you couldn't come w...
If you remember the original short-lived shellsuit fad of the eighties then you'll remember how awful they were. Shellsuits were hot, noisy when you walked, and you couldn't come within ten yards of an open flame. However there's still something nostalgic and cool about those brightly-coloured, nylon tracksuits.

The Shellsuit is Back (Again)

Maybe it's the modern love of ironic fashion but, love them or hate them, the shellsuit is back (again - there was another revival in the mid noughties). Tracksuits have never really gone anywhere - even more prevalent now with the popularity of grime - but the shellsuit enjoyed a very brief but widespread popularity. 
Oft-mocked (and a definite victim of snobbery) the shellsuit evolved from the tracksuit and stuck around between the late eighties and early nineties. There is much debate about what makes something a shellsuit but 'shininess' definitely
has something to do with it. 

What to Wear

Unfortunately the shellsuit has had a bit of bad press, particularly being the staple wear for he-who-shall-not-be-named (if you're struggling think cigars and gold too). But you don't have to wear a full shellsuit, if anything that'd be far too noisy anyway.  
Regardless, Gucci and others have brought the shellsuit to the catwalk in the past couple of years (granted you might not want to shell out £1,800 for one). If you have a look around (secondhand is the way) you're sure to pick up a bargain. Whether it's a shell top with jeans, skirt, or you actually feel like going full bang there's a wealth of originals that got forgotten in the nineties.
Anyway, here's a few for inspiration. Some you might call tracksuits but either way they're garish and shiny enough. 

That Pricey Gucci One

Palace X Adidas Not Quite As Pricey One


Another Proper Pricey Gucci Number

Lewis Hamilton Wears Another Real Expensive One

Burberry Getting In On It

Celebrity-Endorsed Shellsuits

 If It's Good Enough For Elton...

Gazza Proper Loved a Shellsuit

At Least One Made its Way Onto Classic TV: Bullseye

You Could Even Get His & Hers